2016 Family Vacation

Our first ever family vacation will be the week of November 20-24, 2016. This is Thanksgiving week, so the kids will be out of school. We won’t be able to have fried turkey unfortunately, but we’ll still be together as a family.

Our original cruise is completely booked. We found another cruise for a shorter time and less price. The cruise will return on Thanksgiving Day so we will be staying in Orlando on Thanksgiving Day. We will let everyone know about the hotel and travel expenses.

Countdown until our family vacation starts.

2016/11/20 16:00:00

Our Ship

Carnival Valor

More information about the ship and trip can be found Here.



Day 1 – Nov 20

Day 2 – Nov 21

Day 3 – Nov 22

Day 4 – Nov 23

Day 5 – Nov 24


8:00 AM

8:00 AM

8:00 AM


4:00 PM

5:00 PM

5:00 PM


Here is the price Carnival gave us for double occupancy.

Some rooms can have four occupants.

Customer Package Total: $741.26 USD
Per Person Pricing:
Passenger #1)  #2)  Total
Fare $279.00 $279.00 $558.00 USD
Taxes $91.63 $91.63 $183.26 USD
Cruise Total $370.63 $370.63 $741.26 USD
Grand Total: $741.26 USD
Notice: This pricing is for double occupancy. Each room can have up to four occupants. Any additional person will reduce the per person rate for that room.


To book the cruise:

go to carnival.com or call 1.800.764.7419

Ship: Carnival Valor

Sail Date: Nov 20, 2016

Cruise Length: 4 Days